DLG uses either a traditional billable hour approach or a fixed value based billing approach, depending on the client’s preference.


This flexibility is designed to allow clients to decide which approach is a better fit and value for them, given their particular circumstances.

Many of our clients that choose our outside general counsel services find that a fixed fee approach offers the following benefits:

  • Predictability of Cost
  • Ability to Forecast Reliable Budgets
  • Efficient, Creative and Productive Lawyering
  • Sensitivity to Impact on Budget Reserves

These benefits are realized by setting a fixed price for services upfront.

Pricing is determined through informed discussions with our clients to ascertain the client’s definition of success on a particular matter and establish a reasonable timeline for achievement of the desired outcome. Our invoicing may either be a fixed price for a specific transaction or task, a fixed monthly retainer arrangement for the handling of all of a client’s normal business legal needs or a combination of both.

Additionally, in certain cases, a success or incentive fee may also be negotiated. The client has the certainty of knowing the price up front and plays an role in determining the value of the services.

This approach allows our clients to budget accurately for their legal services and foster a real partnership with us.

DLG is equally willing to use a traditional billable hour approach for clients that prefer that model. In fact, that is our normal structure for litigation matters, for which it can be difficult to estimate the time required in order to properly handle such files. Because of the many variables that can impact the litigation process, a traditional billable hour approach is generally the most accepted fee arrangement for litigation matters


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DLG’s attorneys have a wide range of experience from small commercial transactions to complex, large real estate projects.

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