DLG is the firm of choice for those who desire quality legal services to help them attain, maintain and protect their competitive edge in the market place.


Davillier Law Group (DLG) was founded in 2008 by Daniel E. Davillier as a business boutique law firm based in Downtown New Orleans, Louisiana.

The firm expanded to include litigation services to its clients in 2012. Supported by a group of seasoned attorneys and paraprofessionals, DLG provides legal services related to general commercial transactions, particularly in the areas of real estate development, public and commercial finance, mergers and acquisitions, gaming, motion picture tax credit transactions, structuring business investments for high net worth individuals, consulting services with respect to local and federal governmental relations, and an array of business and other litigation services. 

The firm’s client list includes national and local real estate developers, entertainers, professional athletes, financial institutions, federal non-profit organizations, educational institutions, utility companies as well as participants in other industries, such as waste collection and green energy.

We seek to first understand your business needs and goals.

DLG’s attorneys have a wide range of experience from small commercial transactions to complex, large real estate projects. DLG is prepared to assist you with all of your real estate and commercial transaction needs. DLG attorneys are experienced in handling business litigation matters in state or federal courts in Louisiana. DLG’s attorneys are trained business generalists.

With the achievement of your business goals as the priority, we then use our legal skills and experience to help you attain those goals. Rather than simply informing you of why you should not take a certain course of action or approach because of the legal risks or issues, we pride ourselves on our ability to identify alternatives to obtain the desired objectives within the law while mitigating the risks to the client.

We endeavor to never identify a problem without also offering at least one proposed solution.Our approach to the provision of legal services is unique in that we make a concerted effort to form a teaming arrangement with our clients. Our clients generally view us as integral partners on their path to success. Indeed, we serve as outside general counsel for many of our small to medium sized business clients.

We also leverage our extensive relationships to assist our clients in obtaining information and accessing opportunities that benefit their businesses. DLG’s passion for putting the client’s business first permeates our entire firm culture. It is reflected in our commitment to extraordinary client service and in DLG’s unique approach to billing based on the value delivered to our clients.


Our Professionals

Our team of professionals is bolstered by the exchange of ideas and insight from a broad range of combined hands-on experience.

Our Practice

The Davillier Law Group (DLG) provides an extensive array of legal services across a number of practice areas and industries.


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